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Block Offer 2015: Deed of guarantee template now available

31 August 2015
The deed of guarantee template for bids for Block Offer 2015 is now available.

Going to AusIMM? NZP&M is running workshops you need

27 August 2015
Our team of experts will be presenting a workshop looking at NZP&M’s key systems.

Block Offer 2015: Application form now available and IFB updated

3 August 2015
The application form for bids for Block Offer 2015 is now available.

Reservation of Land from prospecting permits

9 July 2015
Reservations of Land from prospecting for metallic minerals have been put in place over parts of Nelson, Marlborough, Otago and Southland.

Platinum land reservations expire today

6 July 2015
Reservations from mineral permitting for the 2013 South Island Platinum tender have expired.

Kermadec mineral reservation extended

25 June 2015
The existing mineral reservation over the Kermadec and Colville Arcs will be extended until 2017.