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Technical Data

Where is this data from? Why would I use it?

We provide access to a range of exploration reports and data at no charge to users. (In some cases there is a small charge to cover the cost of media, such as for hard copies of information).

Link Description
New Zealand Petroleum Exploration Data Pack

Petroleum exploration data on areas with current or potential exploration interest in New Zealand. The 2013 Data Pack contains data for the Taranaki Basin, and the Reinga-Northland, East Coast, and Great South-Canterbury Provinces. There are three sets of data:

  1. Available Data
    • More than 146,000 km of 2D and 11,000 km2 of 3D seismic data
    • A selection of well data, drilling, processing and geological reports, along with satellite seep study data and reports, and composite LAS files for each of the 72 exploration wells.
  2. Kingdom Suite Project
    • A Seismic Micro Technology (SMT) Kingdom Suite project (v. 8.7) with the above data loaded, including 72 wells to provide stratigraphic control, and relevant cultural files. 
  1. Petroleum Exploration Geoscience Initiative (PEGI) Project
    • PEGI products including evaluations and updated information on Taranaki and other key basins, specialist studies of the geochemistry of oils and gases and their source rocks, detailed palaeontology control of wells and screening of frontier basins.

Copies cost NZ$250 and can be ordered online.

NZP&M Exploration Database Free access to exploration reports and open-file data held by NZP&M. This includes results from all exploration carried out in New Zealand since the 1880s.
The Petroleum Exploration and Geosciences Initiative (PEGI) PEGI includes 14 interrelated projects and eight GNS Science data products. The PEGI projects are a range of evaluations including updates on Taranaki and other key basins along with specialist studies of the geochemistry of oils and gases and their source rocks, detailed palaeontology control of wells, and screening of frontier basins.
New Zealand Petroleum Basins publication An overview of the oil and gas industry in New Zealand with a breakdown by basin of prospectivity, drilling history, plays, reservoirs and production.

For a hardcopy email
New Zealand Extended Continental Shelf SEEBASE™ GIS project A 1:3,000,000 GIS-based, geophysically constrained, depth to basement geological model across New Zealand’s onshore, Territorial Sea, Exclusive Economic Zone and Extended Continental Shelf. Includes processed geophysical data-sets, cultural data, terrains and derivative products. Offers a regional framework for the rapid assessment of available resources for a wide variety of uses.
Fluid Inclusion Technology reports Fluid Inclusion Technologies completed a stratigraphic reconstruction of bulk volatile chemistry for the Waka Nui-1 and Hoki-1 wells. These reports are included in the New Zealand Exploration Data Pack.
GIS Viewer
The GIS Viewer allows you to view all current prospecting, exploration and mining permits in New Zealand.
NZP&M Permit Database A register of all current and historical permits, recent applications, and Block Offers.
West Coast Aeromagnetic Survey Data Pack An aeromagnetic survey of the West Coast region of the South Island completed in April 2013. The survey provides valuable information on the subsurface geology of the West Coast and has a wide range of applications including geological mapping, geothermal exploration, forestry, agriculture, horticulture, geological hazard assessment, and engineering and construction investigations.


Other sources of government information

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is the New Zealand government department responsible for land titles, geodetic and cadastral survey systems, topographic information, and hydro graphic information.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric (NIWA) is a Crown Research Institute and provides of atmospheric and aquatic science and associated commercial services

Last updated 17 July 2013

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