2018 Minerals Data Pack released

Publish date: 29 May 2018

The strategic mineral potential of New Zealand is the focus of the freshly updated Minerals Exploration Data Pack released by New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals.

The 2018 Data Pack, showcased at the Minerals Forum in Queenstown, includes reports and potential prospectivity maps for the strategic minerals lithium, nickel-cobalt and rare earth elements.

The maps are the first of their kind to be produced in New Zealand and have been produced using a range of geochemistry, geophysics, rock analyses and cutting-edge data interpretation methods.

“We’re really excited about this new research and data. The potential of New Zealand’s strategic minerals was largely unknown, but now we have areas of interest identified which helps add to the picture of what minerals exploration opportunities exist,” says David Darby, commercial analysis and investment manager.

The 2018 Data Pack features government-funded and open file data including geophysical, geochemical and geological datasets, minerals reports and prospectivity studies.

Aside from the strategic minerals information the 2018 Data Pack also features new magnetic and radiometric data acquired from the South Island Airborne Survey which is covering over 30,000km2 of Southland, Nelson-Marlborough, Murchison and Otago. It also includes new regional soil geochemistry survey data of the upper South Island and Otago.
“Not only does the data in this year’s editions help improve the understanding of New Zealand’s mineral prospectivity, it has a range of other uses, including helping with public infrastructure planning and environmental monitoring,” says Darby.

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