Block Offer 2017 tender opened

Publish date: 22 March 2017

Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins has opened the Block Offer 2017 tender for petroleum exploration permits.

The tender includes five offshore release areas, two onshore release areas, and one offshore/onshore release area, totalling 481,735 km².

The launch of the tender follows extensive consultation with 146 iwi and hapū groups and 43 local councils on the proposal for Block Offer 2017.

The assessment of bids for Block Offer 2017 considers the work the bidder proposes to undertake (Work Programme), their technical and financial capability to carry out that work, their compliance history, and their likely ability to meet New Zealand’s health, safety and environmental requirements.

The Invitation for Bids for Block Offer 2017 closes on 6 September 2017.

NZP&M expects to grant permits in December 2017.

Read more about the Block Offer 2017 tenders.

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