Block Offer 2018 Nominations are now open

Publish date: 22 March 2017

Minister of Energy and Resources Judith Collins has opened industry nominations for Block Offer 2018.

Interested parties are invited to nominate areas to be considered for inclusion in Block Offer 2018. Nominations are a key part of the annual allocation process. They assist New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (NZP&M) to select, refine and prioritise release areas, ensuring the most prospective acreage is offered to industry.

Nominations can be submitted for any part of New Zealand’s onshore or offshore territory (including the Exclusive Economic Zone). These should identify specific areas of interest, be made on the basis of prospectivity and be accompanied by supporting evidence. They can include areas released in previous Block Offer rounds.  

Nominees are under no obligation to bid on nominated areas, in any subsequent Block Offer round. NZP&M also makes no guarantee that nominated areas will be included in the proposed or final block selection.

All submissions received during the nominations process are held in strict confidence.  

Nominations and supporting documentation should be submitted via email to and must be received on or before 5pm NZDT on 22 May 2017.Where necessary, NZP&M may seek additional information from the nominee to clarify a submission.

The following information is required for submission:

  • Nominee details, including:
    • Company name
    • Company address
    • Contact person and contact details
  • Area descriptions, including:
    • Basin and/or sub-basin
    • Approximate size in km2 for each nomination
  • Supporting technical information, for example: regional geology, play concepts, exploration targets etc
  • Maps of the nominated area, in one of the following formats (.shp, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .docx)
  • Any other relevant information

File attachments must not exceed 50 MB.

Each nomination should be over an area of contiguous acreage. Please note, there is no limit to the number of nominations a nominee can make.

Final Block Offer 2018 release areas will be announced in early 2018.

Read more about the Block Offer process

If you have any questions on the process, please email:

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