Mineral prospecting permit restrictions to be lifted

Publish date: 30 May 2018

Restrictions put in place almost three years ago on mineral prospecting permits in two areas of the South Island will be lifted in July by New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals.

The two areas of land cover 33,006km2 in the Otago region and 7,828km2 in the Nelson region. Both areas will have their restrictions removed on 8 July.

The restrictions were put in place to set aside the land while regional aeromagnetic surveys were undertaken and to allow an allocation strategy for the areas to be developed.

In late June 2015 an area covering 23,209km2 of land in Nelson, Marlborough, Otago in Southland was declared off-limits for new metallic minerals prospecting permit applications for a three-year period. In August 2016 additional areas covering 17,626km2 were added to the reservation area, the status of which expires on 8 July.

“Restrictions will remain in place over Central Otago while we continue our data acquisition programme in that area, but the restrictions over more than 30,000km2 will be lifted,” says David Darby commercial analysis and investment manager.

“With the launch of new research covering the areas in the 2018 Minerals Exploration Data Pack I’m expecting a high level of interest in the area.”

Acreage will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. The first application to meet the criteria for an acceptable work programme will be granted the permit for the area.

Applications open on 9 July.

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