NZP&M rolls out new Online Permitting System

Publish date: 1 April 2015

The first phase of New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals' (NZP&M) new Online Permitting System has been launched today.

The first phase of New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (NZP&M) new Online Permitting System has been launched today.

The Online Permitting System, which replaces the current permit management system, offers a more-user friendly experience for industry, permit holders and the public.

“As part of the Government's wider ICT strategy to provide business services and information via digital channels, NZP&M's new online system is designed to make permit management processes more efficient and easier for permit holders and applicants,” NZP&M General Manager James Stevenson-Wallace says.

“It will also provide real-time data to allow us to better manage permit processing times, while allowing permit holders to better access information regarding their permit obligations and compliance.”

The first phase includes:

  • an improved public permit search tool on the NZP&M website which is simpler and easier to use; including the option to search for permits by region, sort permits and applications by date and download search results;
  • all NZP&M staff begin working in the new system.

In the coming weeks NZP&M will roll out the final phase of the system which will allow applicants to apply for permits and permit holders to manage changes to permits online.

Go to the Online Permitting System.

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