Updated standards and guidance on submitting minerals and coal data now available

Publish date: 27 January 2017

The Minerals and Coal Digital Data Submissions and Reporting Guidelines have been updated to reflect recent legislative changes.

In addition, a technical report cover sheet template has been introduced and existing TAB delimited templates have been replaced by CSV templates.

New Zealand’s minerals exploration industry generates a vast amount of geoscientific and resource information each year. Updating the digital data standards and reporting guidelines will encourage high quality data submissions, and allow the country’s geoscientific exploration database to continue to contribute to promoting effective and efficient exploration in New Zealand.

The updated digital data standards and reporting guidelines are effective from 1 February 2017, and all technical reports submitted by permit holders as part of their work programme will need to comply with the requirements outlined in the document.

NZP&M is responsible for collecting, preserving and disseminating all statutory information submitted by permit holders. The Crown Minerals Act and Regulations specify what data NZP&M receives from work programme obligations under a permit, allowing it to specify how this information is received.

Minerals and Coal Digital Data Submission Standards and Reporting Guidelines [PDF 1.1MB]

Other rules and regulations

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