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Technical Data

The New Zealand Government is committed to open data, transparency and supports the oil and gas industry with up-to-date prospectivity data. Most of this information is available free of charge. These include:


The 2014 Petroleum Exploration Data Pack

The Petroleum Exploration Data Pack contains a broad representation of publicly available data on a single hard drive. It features a large selection of open-file seismic and well data, interpretation projects, reports and studies. Data Packs cost NZ$250 each (including postage and tax).

Feature Description
Standalone Data More than 239,000km of 2D and 11,000km² of 3D seismic data (of which more than 93,000km of 2D and 864km² of 3D seismic data are new for 2014) and a selection of well data, drilling, processing and geological reports, along with satellite seep study data and reports, and composite LAS files for 72 exploration wells.
National Seismic Interpretation Framework Project An integrated seismic framework across New Zealand’s prospective petroleum basins delivered in the Kingdom project, along with illustrated seismic profiles accompanying a report.
Kingdom Suite Project A Seismic Micro Technology (SMT) Kingdom Suite project (v. 8.7) with the above data loaded, including 72 wells to provide stratigraphic control, and relevant cultural files.
Petroleum Exploration Geoscience Initiative (PEGI) Project PEGI products including evaluations and updated information on Taranaki and other key basins, specialist studies of the geochemistry of oils and gases and their source rocks, detailed palaeontology control of wells and screening of frontier basins.
New Zealand ECS SEEBASE A digital GIS pack containing a 1:3,000,000 GIS-based, geophysically constrained, depth-to-basement geological and isopach model across New Zealand’s onshore, Territorial Sea, Exclusive Economic Zone and Extended Continental Shelf.
QMAP A GIS pack containing a 1:250 000 geological map of New Zealand series, named “QMAP” (for “Quarter-million MAP”) covering mainland New Zealand and depicting rock units in terms of lithostratigraphy and/or chronostratigraphy.
ArcGIS Project GIS data for all the above projects, and meta-data for seismic surveys and wells.
Other Products Additional products include satellite seep data, bulk fluid inclusion analysis from Fluid Inclusion Technologies and frontier basin screening reports to name a few.



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Last updated 26 March 2014

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