Why invest in New Zealand

New Zealand has a long history of oil and gas production, and is prospective for a wide range of minerals.

Stable and predictable regime

Delivering certainty for investors

Simple tax system - 28% corporate income tax and no capital gains tax.

Sophisticated infrastructure and skilled workforce

Established and reliable transport and electricity networks

High quality technical support sector services.

Attractive jurisdiction for investment in petroleum

14th in investment attractiveness among 126 countries

8th in geological database
(Fraser Institute Global Petroleum Survey 2015)

Reputation for ease of doing business

Ranked 1st for ease of doing business among 190 nations

1st in OECD group
1st in starting a business
1st in protecting minority investors
(World Bank Doing Business Report 2016)

Low country risk

Corruption free and transparent governance providing certainty for investors

4th in lack of of corruption
(Transparency International Corruption Index 2015)

A government focussed on business growth

Responsible development of petroleum and mineral

A focus to deliver on in the government's Business Growth Agenda.

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