Guide to the South Island Aeromagnetic Surveys

New Zealand has a long history of mining, but much of the country remains relatively under-explored and has real potential for further mineral discoveries. Commencing in November 2015 New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals began a scientific survey of parts of Nelson, Marlborough, Murchison, Otago and Southland, to help us get a better understanding of the geology of these areas.

Aeromagnetic Surveys

Aeromag survey Queenstown and Wanaka area

Aeromagnetic surveys provide high quality data about the geology of an area. It is a very cost-effective way to gather data. We fly survey aircraft (a plane or helicopter) over the area and use instruments to measure the magnetic fields and natural radiation characteristics of the ground below. 

The survey is currently flying from of its base of operations in Cromwell.


Read the Aeromagnetic Survey Factsheet [PDF 382KB]

For further information, keep an eye out for updates on this page. If you have any operational concerns please call Thomson Aviation on 021 269 6870


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