APP-13 - Minerals - Authorise viewing information on the Online Permitting System

Use this form to authorise an individual(s) to view the authorising party's information on the Online Permitting System.

The authorised individual(s) using the Online Permitting System will be able to:

  • see application and permit details, including invoiced fees, payment details, up-coming obligations and compliance history;
  • see the details of historical applications, which were not granted, and of granted permits that are no longer active.
  • submit changes relating to permits online (as long as an App-10 application form is also supplied).

The authorised individual(s) will not be able to see:

  • any Royalty or ERL information, or
  • documents uploaded in relation to any application or permit

Note: This authority remains in place until we receive notice in writing from you to revoke it. If you are authorising a new employee or agent because they are replacing someone else, you should also notify us that you want to remove authority from the previous employee or agent.

Download Application form APP-13 [PDF 1.1MB]

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