Annual summary reports for Tier 1 permit holders

Our preference is for all permit holders to submit their annual summary reports using the online permitting system.

Along with completing the annual summary report form in the online permitting system (OPS), Tier 1 permit holders also need to provide:

  • a resource and reserves estimate [XLSX 27KB], signed off by a competent person
  • a report on their engagement with iwi and hapū whose rohe (tribal area) includes some or all of the permit area or who otherwise may be directly affected by the permit

Mining permit holders also need to submit:

  • a mine plan
  • a summary of the mining and processing methods for the upcoming year
  • a summary of the status of consents for access and resource consents.

Online permitting system

Need more information?

We have guidance about how to complete an annual summary report for exploration and prospecting permits and more general guidance that covers Tier 1 mining permits.

Annual summary reports for exploration and prospecting permits [PDF 315KB]

General guidance on annual summary reports [PDF 311KB]

We also have a guideline on submitting a mine plan and a number of example mine plans:

If you cannot use the OPS

If you cannot use the OPS you can also send us your annual summary report using:

  • Form 13 [PDF 411KB] for prospecting and exploration permits, or
  • Form 14A [PDF 482KB] for mining permits (except for an underground mine where the annual royalty payment is less than or equal to $50,000 – in that case use Form 14B).
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