Block Offer 2018 - Bidders’ Questions, Answers and Variations

During the tender potential bidders were invited to email questions. We are committed to a fair, transparent process. Where the questions were relevant to all bidders, we have published the answers on this page. Variations to the Invitation for Bids will also be published on this page.

Please note that the deadline for asking questions relating to Block Offer 2018 has now passed (please see Part 5.2 of the Invitation for Bids).

The answers to questions received are listed below:

Question 1:

I’m looking for some clarity around the definition of a key deliverable. The bid document states a key deliverable (other than commit or surrender point or relinquishment obligation) must be included as an activity within each stage. Key deliverables mentioned (without limitation and outside of the commit surrender/relinquishment obligation) are seismic data acquisition activities and exploration well drilling activities. What else is considered a key deliverable?

Answer 1:

Key deliverables are defined by clause 7.9(3)(a) of the Minerals Programme for Petroleum 2013 (MPP) as “the components of the work programme that the Minister considers to be crucial to the success of the permit.”

As such, it is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of all work programme activities which may be determined by the Minister to be key deliverables. This will necessarily depend on the expected utility of the proposed activity in exploring the particular acreage applied for, including the usefulness of the activity to the subsequent commit or surrender decision in the work programme (or, if applicable to inform the appropriateness of the subsequent contingent stage of work).

Please note that as per Schedule 4, paragraph 1.4(c) of the Invitation for Bids (IFB), a Bidder must propose whether a work programme activity should be a key or secondary deliverable, but that the final determination of this will be at the Minister’s discretion.

Question 2:

Where does seismic reprocessing / attribute studies stand. Are these included as part of ‘seismic data acquisition activities’. Similarly does well testing operations in suspended wellbores meet requirement for a key deliverable.

Answer 2:

“Seismic acquisition activities” as referred to in Schedule 4, paragraph 1.4(c) of the IFB means the acquisition of new seismic data, and does not mean the reprocessing of pre-existing seismic data or seismic attribute studies.

Clause 7.9(3)(b) of the MPP lists “technical studies” and “minor reprocessing” as examples of secondary deliverables.

However, this does not preclude other seismic reprocessing activities, seismic attribute analysis or other proposed work (including certain desktop-based studies or well testing) from being deemed key deliverables if the Bid demonstrates (to the Minister’s satisfaction) that these meet the definition in clause 7.9(3)(a) of the MPP.

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