Petroleum Exploration Data Pack

The Petroleum Exploration Data Pack is a portable external hard drive featuring the latest technical data within an easy to navigate interface.

Petroleum Data Pack

It includes a large selection of open-file geophysical, geochemical and geological datasets, minerals reports and prospectivity studies.

It is the essential tool for quickly and easily recognising petroleum opportunities in New Zealand.

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The 2017 Data Pack features a large selection of open-file seismic and well data, interpretation projects, reports and studies including the following new data:

  • Southland Airborne Survey – a magnetic and radiometric survey covering some 25,000 km2 of Southland and Otago. Approximately 5,000 km2 of data has been processed and is available.
  • National Well Audit Pilot – comprehensive success / failure analysis of offshore petroleum wells in the Canterbury and Great South basins.
  • Updated Atlas of Petroleum Prospectivity – Technical report, GIS database and 5 GIS projects of the Northwestern Province encompassing the greater Taranaki and Northland-Reinga basins.
  • Updated Well and Seismic Data – new open-file data for an additional 55 wells, and additional 14,909 line km’s of 2D and 1,303 km2 of 3D seismic data.
  • Updated Composite Well Data – quality controlled, standardised and composited LAS data for 629 wells, loaded to Kingdom and ready for regional studies.
  • Reprocessed 3D Seismic Data – 2016 reprocessing of the 700 km2 Hawkes Bay 3D dataset

This builds on the data available from previous Data Packs:

Northern East Coast Basin Petroleum Prospectivity Screening Report An up-to-date overview of the geological history and petroleum prospectivity of the offshore basin.
Gas Hydrates Research An overview of New Zealand Gas Hydrates research to date.
Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy Study Final report on the ten wells studied from the Great South, Taranaki, East Coast and Reinga-Northland basins.
Source, Seal and Seeps GIS A New Zealand-wide assessment of petroleum source rock potential, seal rock distribution and quality, and petroleum occurrences.
Pegasus and Reinga Basin Petroleum Prospectivity Screening Reports Up-to-date overview of the geological history and petroleum prospectivity of each basin as a result of the RV Tangaroa expeditions.
New Zealand Basement Composition and Heat Flow GIS Present-day basement heat flow modelling and assessment of oil & gas maturation windows in New Zealand’s basins.
Legacy Compilation of New Zealand Frontier Basin Seismic Interpretation Projects A Kingdom project for screening exploration potential and background interpretation in regional reviews.
Well Test Results GIS A database of conventional well test and wireline formation tester results providing an indication of the presence of movable hydrocarbons and reservoir properties for over 500 wells.
NPA Satellite Offshore Seepage Study ArcGIS of 367 interpreted SAR scenes categorising oil slicks across New Zealand.
Composite Well Data Quality controlled, standardised and composited Las data for 535 wells, loaded to Kingdom and ready for regional studies.
New Zealand ECS SEEBASE A depth to basement geological model across New Zealand’s Extended Continental Shelf.
National Seismic Interpretation Framework An integrated mapping of key aged based horizons and faults on a regional basis for 77 seismic lines across New Zealand.
Kingdom Project Preloaded open file well, seismic and cultural data across New Zealand.
ArcGIS Project Comprehensive GIS dataset providing a one stop shop for identifying seismic and well data availability together with easy viewing of key data pack projects.
Petroleum Exploration Geoscience Initiative (PEGI) A range of geoscience evaluations and specialist studies across Taranaki and other key basins.
New Zealand Petroleum Basins Book A comprehensive introduction to New Zealand’s basins and petroleum systems.
West Coast Airborne Survey A magnetic and radiometric survey covering approximately 16,000 km² of the South Island.

The Data Pack is available on a single portable hard drive. There is an administrative fee of NZ$400 per unit including postage (excluding tax).

Other sources of data

The New Zealand Government is committed to open data, transparency and supports the oil and gas industry with up-to-date prospectivity data. Most of the technical data listed below is available free of charge.

This includes:

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