Apply for other petroleum permits or manage current permits

Under the Crown Minerals Act, a permit is required to prospect, explore, or mine for petroleum.

Apply online

The NZP&M Online Permitting System (OPS) enables permit applicants to apply for permits online. It also enables permit holders to manage permit changes online as well as access more information on permit obligations and compliance.

There are a variety of permits available for prospecting, exploration, and mining – both onshore and offshore.

We recommend that applicants familiarise themselves with the relevant rules and regulations including the Crown Minerals Act 1991 (the 'Act'), the relevant Minerals Programme, and the Takutai Moana Act before making an application for a permit.

Permit forms

If you do not have access to reliable internet service, forms are available to apply for new permits and make changes to current permits.

Select from the range of actions below to access the relevant form, supporting guidelines and associated fees.

New petroleum permit Amalgamate permits Appraisal extensions
Change of control Change of minerals Change of operator
Change to conditions Consent to a dealing Extension of duration
Extension of land Partial surrender
Full surrender

Flare or vent petroleum

Transfer of interest Application authority Change permit contact or
authorised contact

Privacy Act

The personal information you must include in your application is needed to process your application under the Act. You have the right under the Privacy Act 1993 and/or the Official Information Act 1982 to access information held about you by New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals and request that this information be corrected if necessary.


NZP&M can provide information on how to apply for a permit. If you have a question please contact us. However, should you require advice on the Act, regulations, or Mineral Programmes we suggest you seek independent professional advice.