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The Online Permitting System (OPS) allows all users to search the public register of permitting information.

You can use the General Search and Quick Reports sections without logging in - login is only required for new permit applicants or for permit holders wishing to view or manage their own permitting information online.

The OPS includes historical permits and licenses from the 1980s. If the results don’t go back as far as you need, please contact us with the exact location and any details you have. We will look in the archives to see what information is on file.

General search results

The general search function allows all users to find permitting information including granted permits, permit applications, change applications and permit activity.

You can search using just one or all of the search fields. It is best used for specific, narrow searches expected to return a small number of results.

The search results appear in a separate pop-up window. If you cannot see the search results, check to see that your pop-Up blocker is turned off.

If you do not get any results, check your spelling or try using the '%' wild card at the start and end of the search text. For instance, try searching for '%Gully%' instead of 'Gully'

It is often better to enter less information to ensure the search returns the result you are looking for, eg try '%Bloggs%' rather than 'Joseph Bloggs' or '%XYZ%' rather than 'XYZ Mining Ltd'.

Some mining method information was not classified in the previous permitting system, and therefore will not show in the results. All new permits will be classified according to mining method.

The address for service for the operator participant is the address which is shown.

The Record ID is a Permit Number or Application Number.

Information on previous Block Offers is available on the NZP&M website.

System warnings are related to browser compatibility. We would recommend using IE 11.0, Chrome or Firefox browsers.

When you open up a permit you will see two sections, the Record Details and Supporting Information. Supporting information may include some additional documentation. When you get a System Warning you are unable to see these additional documents.

Quick reports

Quick Reports let you run reports on all the data held in the Online Permitting System and filter the results by various criteria - they are best used when undertaking broad searches of the data.

Report type

Information included

Change Application

All applications for changes to permits ever accepted for evaluation.

Permit Activity Report

Applications for new permits received

Change applications received or granted

Permit expiries

Permit Applications

All applications for new permits ever accepted for evaluation

Permit List

All permits ever granted

Application progress codes

Submitted - The application has been received by NZP&M.

Accepted - The application has been reviewed to ensure it is valid and complete.

Under Evaluation - The application is being evaluated.

In Recommendation - The recommendation for the application is being reviewed.

Awaiting Approval - The application is awaiting a final decision to approve or decline. Note that approved applications are automatically reclassified as an active permit.

Declined - The application has been reviewed, evaluated and declined by NZP&M.

Withdrawn - The application has been withdrawn by the permit applicant.

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