Operating coal mine production figures

As at the end of 2017 there were 15 producing coal mines in New Zealand

CoalfieldMineOperatorRankTypeProduction 2017 (tonnes)
Maramarua Kopuku Solid Energy SB Opencast 86,833
Maramarua Kopako * Glencoal Energy SB Opencast 0
Huntly O'Reilly's O'Reilly's Opencast SB Opencast 24,632
Rotowaro Awaroa Solid Energy SB Opencast 658,818
Rotowaro Pukemiro ** Puke Coal SB Opencast  
West Coast
Buller Stockton
(includes Cypress)
Solid Energy B Opencast 1,016,314
Buller Cascade * Bathurst Resources B Opencast 0
Buller Escarpment * Bathurst Resources B Opencast 0
Reefton Burkes Creek RJ Banks SB Opencast 8,021
Reefton Reddale Valley Solid Energy SB Opencast 20,627
Reefton Boatmans ** W Hassan B Opencast  
Garvey Creek Echo Francis Mining B Opencast 21,863
Inangahua Giles Creek Birchfield Coal SB Opencast 104,339
Inangahua Berlins Creek Heaphy Mining SB Opencast 20,372
Greymouth Strongman * Solid Energy B Opencast 0
Greymouth Rajah Roa Mining B Opencast 156,750
Canterbury Malvern Hills Bathurst Resources SB Opencast 117,255
Kaitangata Castle Hill ** Kai Point Coal SB Opencast  
Roxburgh Harliwich * Harliwich Carrying   Opencast 4,117
Ohai Takitimu Bathurst Resources SB Opencast 250,386
Ohai Wairakei Solid Energy SB Opencast 30,361
Waimumu Newvale Solid Energy L Opencast 315,370

* Production currently suspended

** Private coal, no granted permit. Production is confidential

SB - Sub Bituminous

B - Bituminous

L - Lignite

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