Land available for minerals applications

Land that has recently become available for minerals applications.

The following report provides notification of land available for mineral permit applications. The report is updated fortnightly, to provide timely information on new minerals opportunities across New Zealand.

Find out more about the permit history and exact location of the permit by entering the permit ID and viewing the permit document in the Online Permitting System.

See if the relinquished areas are still open ground for permitting with the minerals permit webmap by cross referencing the location of the permit from the online permitting system and webmaps.

Land Status Decisions made on 19 May 2017

The next round of land status decisions will be published on 2 June 2017.









Metallic Minerals 60034 Exploration Full Surrender 18/05/2017 Onshore 454.263 ha Gold, Silver West Coast AWPO
Metallic Minerals 53469 Exploration Relinquished Following Extension of Duration 17/05/2017 Onshore 1,606.34 ha Gold, Silver Waikato AWPO
Metallic Minerals 53311 Prospecting Full Surrender 10/05/2017 Onshore 85.832 SQKM All Metallic Minerals (Excluding Uranium) Marlborough AWPO
Metallic Minerals 53385 Exploration Full Surrender 8/05/2017 Onshore 140.279 ha Gold West Coast AWPO
Metallic Minerals 41475 Mining Expired 7/05/2017 Onshore 8.122 ha Gold West Coast AWPO
Metallic Minerals 41633 Mining Expired 4/05/2017 Onshore 48.18 ha Gold West Coast AWPO
Metallic Minerals 54960 Mining Full Surrender 4/05/2017 Onshore 50.22 ha Gold West Coast AWPO
Metallic Minerals 53325 Prospecting Expired 2/05/2017 Onshore 58.05 SQKM All Metallic Minerals (Excluding Uranium) Coromandel AWPO
Coal 41821 Mining Partial Surrender 31/03/2017 Onshore 79.643 ha Coal Waikato AWPO
Metallic Minerals 54126 Exploration Full Surrender 03/03/2017 Onshore 571.2 ha All Metallic Minerals (Excluding Uranium) West Coast NAA

AWPO - Acceptable Work Programme Offer

Land available for newly available acreage (NAA) applications

The NAA allocation method is preferred for areas that are likely to attract competitive interest.

NAA IDMineral GroupPrior Permit IDLand areaRegionOpen DateClose Date
1020 Metallic Minerals 54126 571.2 ha West Coast 19/05/2017 17/07/2017

NAA applications are subject to a time-bound competitive allocation process, and applications must be received within the specified time frame.

For more information about NAA applications and how to apply, please refer to the Guidance on making applications for Newly Available Acreage (NAA) [PDF 298KB].

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