Register to manage your permits online

If you are a permit participant or current permit contact and want to manage permits in the Online Permitting System (OPS) you need to register by completing the form on this page.

Once you have completed this form, we will send you an email invitation to complete the OPS registration process. This process will provide you with access to all of the permits you are a permit participant or authorised contact for. This process is not automatic and may take up to five working days to complete during busy times.

Permit contacts information

To use the OPS, you will also need a RealMe login.

RealMe website

Not a permit participant or authorised contact?

To use the OPS to view permit information, you must be a permit participant or authorised permit contact. If you aren’t and want to view or manage permits you will need have the permit holder complete an APP-11 – change a contact form.

APP-11 – change a contact form

Never had a permit or application with us?

New permit applicants who have never had a previous permit or application with us don’t need to complete this form and only require a RealMe login. This is because there are no other permits in the OPS that need to be linked to that person.

Form not required to use public register

This form is not required to search the public register or access Quick Reports.