Block Offer 2020

The Block Offer 2020 tender for petroleum exploration permits closed on 26 July 2023.

Parliament passed legislation in November 2018, amending the Crown Minerals Act 1991 (CMA), to restrict the acreage available for any new petroleum permits to the onshore Taranaki region. Under Block Offer 2020, interested parties are invited to tender for permits to explore for oil and gas in this area only.

Block offer 2020 – Invitation for Bids

Block offer 2020 – Release map

Information about the Block Offer process


In 2020, we released a map of a proposed area to offer for Block Offer 2020. We then consulted with iwi and hapū in these areas and asked them to identify areas of significance or sensitivity that the Minister of Energy and Resources needs to be aware of before deciding what should be included in the tender.

This could include sites that might need to be protected for their cultural significance (for example, sites that are not protected by other legislation). The Minister may remove these from the Block Offer or put conditions over certain areas to protect them.

Consultation began on 25 September 2020 and the due date for submissions was 18 December 2020.

Local authorities were also notified of the proposed blocks.

The Minister of Energy and Resources has now released the specific area for bids. The final release area for Block Offer 2020 is 40% smaller than the consultation area. This reflects consideration of iwi interests, the potential of any resources located in the final release area, and the adequacy of protections under other legislation and through permit conditions. 

The release area is made up of blocks, and bidders can bid for one or more adjoining blocks. This allows bidders to define their desired permit area based on their own analysis of the data available.

You can view the Block Offer 2020 release map and the invitation to bid in the links above.

Ongoing engagement with iwi and hapū

In response to issues raised in submissions during consultation, an additional engagement condition has been included in the Invitation for Bids document.

This condition strengthens and clarifies NZP&M’s expectation that permit holders will engage with iwi as envisaged by section 33C of the Crown Minerals Act 1991 (CMA) and do so on an ongoing basis through the life of a permit.

This builds on previous conditions to provide active protection for significant sites, and allows for a consistent approach across all iwi and hapū, not just those who made submissions.

The condition explicitly requires permit holders to engage with iwi on an ongoing basis, with specific early engagement requirements in relation to activities to be undertaken within 200 metres of areas of significance to iwi.

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