Complying with your petroleum permit

The Crown Minerals Act requires all permit holders to keep detailed records and reports on prospecting, exploration, and mining activity.

The reports and records permit holders are required to keep and forward to NZP&M are set out in the Crown Minerals (Petroleum) Regulations 2007.

Data submission standards

Our regulations establish format requirements for electronic documents sent to us. The aim is to maximise the quantity and usefulness of the data we collect, and minimise the costs associated with handling and managing information.

Read the Petroleum digital data submission standards 2016 [PDF 363KB]

Annual reports

The purpose of an annual summary report is for permit/licence holders to report on permit activities and iwi and hapū engagement over the past year. They are due on 31 March each year.

Annual review meetings

Petroleum permit holders may be required to attend annual review meetings to discuss their permits each year.

Decommissioning of petroleum infrastructure and wells

Petroleum exploration and mining permit and licence holders must carry out decommissioning activities and meet the full financial cost of those activities.

Find a summary about what is required and by when. For more detailed information see the legislation.

Obligations and compliance

NZP&M introduced business practices relating to compliance for annual reporting, technical reporting, payment of annual fees, royalty payments and work programme obligations.