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The purpose of an annual summary report is for permit/licence holders to report on permit activities and iwi and hapū engagement over the past year. They are due on 31 March each year.

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About annual summary reports

Annual reports are required on activities under a petroleum permit for each calendar year. They are due 31 Mach each year.

A calendar year is 1 January to 31 December.

We will request a report to be submitted for every permit/licence that was in force during the previous calendar year, even if no activity took place.

If a permit expires, is revoked, is surrendered, or relinquished then the annual report is for the period 1 January to the date the permit ceases.

The information you need to provide depends on the type of permit you are operating (prospecting, exploration or mining). The report template section below gives more information about what to submit based on your permit type.

The Crown Minerals (Petroleum) Regulations 2007 has more information about annual reports and their requirements.

Regulations 38 to 41 of the Crown Minerals (Petroleum) Regulations 2007 —

Annual report templates

Download the appropriate templates for your permit type. You need to fill out all the information as accurately as possible.

After you have completed the appropriate templates from the list below, you submit them, along with any supplementary information, for example production, resources and reserves data, through the Online Permitting System:

Online Permitting System

If you have issues using the online permitting system, contact us at

Mining permits/licences

If the mining permit/licence has been active during the reporting period, complete the following templates:

Production data must be provided for all wells under the permit/licence.

Prospecting and exploration permits

If a prospecting or exploration permit has been active during the reporting period, complete the following template: 

Discovery under an exploration permit

If there has been a discovery under an exploration permit, complete the annual summary and expenditure report on prospecting and exploration as well as the following templates:

Production data must be provided for all wells which have produced under the permit.

Iwi and hapū engagement report

Engagement with iwi/hapū is an important part of responsible resource development and exploration.

All Tier 1 permit holders must submit a report on their engagement with iwi and hapū whose rohe includes some or all of the permit area, or who are directly affected by the permit.

Guidelines have been developed to provide direction to permit holders when writing their engagement reports.

Iwi Engagement Reporting Guidelines [PDF 409KB]

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