Annual review meetings

Annual review meeting requirements for permit holders.

Invitations are sent to selected permit holders in April, and meetings are held between 1 June and 30 September. Relevant regulatory agencies (including local authorities) are also invited to these meetings.

For more information see Section 11.7 of the 2013 Minerals Programme for Petroleum.


NZP&M actively seeks opportunities to build positive working relationships with permit holders. An Annual Review Meeting provides an opportunity to review the permit holder’s progress against their work programme, discuss expectations, risks and key decisions ahead. They may also cover the next stage of the work programme of an exploration permit. The meetings also review the permit holder’s report on their engagement with iwi and hapū.

These meetings provide an excellent opportunity for NZP&M, regulatory agencies and councils to meet together with permit holders, to understand the permit holder’s activities, and each agency’s responsibilities. The meeting can be a useful forum for permit holders to establish a cross agency dialogue with a view to improving the overall coordination and communication of regulatory activities.

Most meetings are held in Wellington but in some cases we will travel to the permit holder’s location.


If you are invited to a meeting as a permit holder, you (or a representative with sufficient seniority, expertise, and knowledge) must attend.

For joint ventures, the meeting notice will be sent to the designated contact person (usually the operator) as the representative of all permit participants. Each permit participant may have a representative attend the meeting, but only a representative of the operator is actually required.

Invitations for Annual Review Meetings are typically sent annually in April.

NZP&M's National Manager Petroleum will chair the meeting. Other NZP&M representatives may attend, including the Senior Iwi and Regional Advisor, and Manager Sector Development Policy. One of NZP&M’s legal team will attend and someone will also take notes.

The Crown Minerals Act requires that any affected regulator is invited to an annual review meeting. Who is invited to a meeting will depend on the nature of the permit holder’s activity and the location of the permit.

Attendees may include:

  • WorkSafe NZ
  • The Environmental Protection Authority
  • Maritime New Zealand
  • The Department of Conservation
  • Regional and local councils

Generally regulators will be invited to attend the entire meeting. However if commercially sensitive information is discussed we can adapt the agenda so agencies only attend the parts of the meeting relevant to them.

Meeting agendas

Attendees will be invited to contribute to the agenda. Some agenda items are mandatory, including Work Programme updates, Health & Safety, and annual iwi engagement reports. The meeting participants are predominantly regulators, therefore the content needs to focus on regulatory issues and not detailed technical discussion.

The agenda is your best guide to the level of detail we will cover. The level of detail will depend on upcoming activities in the work programme, or the number of permits the operator holds that are being reviewed.

Generally meetings last up to two hours. Meeting lengths will vary depending on the maturity and complexity of the permit in question.

Notes will be taken at each meeting. A draft record of the meeting (including main points and actions) will be sent to attendees within 20 working days.

For more information on Annual Review Meetings, see section 33D of the Crown Minerals Act 1991

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