Minerals guidelines

Use these guidelines to find out information on mineral permit applications and mineral permit reporting requirements.

These guidelines were created by NZP&M to provide clarification around the Crown Minerals Act Regulations, and the Minerals Programme.

  1. Application processing (non tender) [PDF 309KB]
    This guideline explains what information is needed and the timeframes involved for processing priority in time permit applications.
  2. Making applications for Newly Available Acreage (NAA) [PDF 341KB]
    This guideline explains how the NAA process works.
  3. Transfer of Interest, Change of Control, Dealings, or Change of Operator [PDF 295KB]
    This guideline outlines the legislative requirements to apply for a Transfer of Interest, Change of Control, Dealings, or Change of Operator in relation to a permit.
  4. Determination of Financial Capability [PDF 306KB]
    This guideline indicates the nature of financial information that can be provided by applicants to show their financial capability to comply with conditions of the permit and to give effect to the work programme.
  5. Technical capability [PDF 308KB]
    This guideline explains what NZP&M may consider in relation to technical capability.
  6. Design of work programmes [PDF 317KB]
    This guideline for minerals prospecting, exploration and mining permits explains the principles of setting work programmes for First Acceptable Work Programme Offer applications.
  7. Resource and reserve reporting [PDF 309KB]
    This guideline looks at reporting requirements for these codes and how NZP&M applies these to permits.
  8. Scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies [PDF 304KB]
    This guideline explains how project specific studies are applied for work programme obligations and supporting information for mining permit applications.
  9. Health and Safety under the Crown Minerals Act [PDF 302KB]
    This guideline on provides information on health and safety requirements under the CMA and what we consider when assessing mineral permit applications.
  10. Land and Mineral Status reports (LMS) [PDF 303KB]
    This guideline explains the nature of mineral ownership in New Zealand and explains Land and Mineral Status (LMS) reports, which are used to determine the ownership of a particular mineral in land parcels within a permit application area.
  11. Preparing and acceptance of Tier 2 alluvial gold permit applications [PDF 358KB]
    This guideline explains how to apply for a Tier 2 alluvial gold exploration or mining permit, and how NZP&M makes an initial assessment of applications (including change applications).
  12. Pounamu guidance [PDF 996KB]
    This guideline produced by Ngai Tahu outlines information for permit holders and applicants operating in Pounamu Management Areas.

  1. Enforcement under the Crown Minerals Act [PDF 240KB]
    This guideline explains enforcement options when a permit holder is non-compliant with their legal obligations.
  2. Work programme compliance [PDF 306KB]
    The guideline explains how NZP&M administers work programme compliance in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.
  3. Annual Summary Reporting [PDF 311KB]
    This guideline provides information on annual reporting requirements under the Crown Minerals Act and the Crown Minerals (Minerals Other than Petroleum) Regulations 2007.
  4. Technical reporting [PDF 300KB]
    This guideline provides an outline of permit holder's technical reporting obligations under the Crown Minerals Act 1991 and the relevant regulations.
  5. Mine Plan Submission [PDF 830KB]
    This guideline outlines the basis for the submission of mine plans, the content and format of mine plans and how to make a submission. Note that permit conditions may include additional requirements, not covered by these guidelines.

  1. Introduction to the Crown Minerals Act [PDF 304KB]
    This guideline provides an overview of the key principles of the Crown Minerals Act 1991 and the Minerals Programme for Minerals (Excluding Petroleum) 2013.
  2. Land Access [PDF 316KB]
    This guideline summarises key aspects for permit holders of access-related legislation, describes the different types of land access permissions and outlines the process.
  3. Good Industry Practice [PDF 294KB]
    This guideline outlines the Crown Minerals Act requirements for activities to meet expectations of good industry practice.
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