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The Regulator’s Update — October 2021

Welcome to the October issue of the Regulator’s Update. In this issue: Consultation on proposed infringement offences for minerals and petroleum permit holders, update on the proposed regulations to support the Crown Minerals (Decommissioning and Other Matters) Amendment Bill, compliance team West Coast visits, update on the Tui project, speeding up the minerals application process and minimum mining production rates for minerals permits.

Minerals permit application processing

We’re working as quickly and efficiently as we can to process the queue of minerals permit applications and thank permit applicants for their patience.

The Regulator’s Update — July 2021

Welcome to the July issue of The Regulator’s Update. In this issue: Crown Minerals (Decommissioning and Other Matters) Amendment Bill introduced, consultation opens on proposed decommissioning regulations, survey of industrial rocks and minerals, minerals permit application volumes, ASRs wrap up, annual review meetings for Tier 1 permit holders and fees and royalties due.

New Kermadec mineral reservation

A new mineral reservation over the Kermadec and Colville Arcs has been declared for three years replacing a reservation that expires on 4 July 2021.