Annual minerals industry statistics and survey

The government releases annual production data and revenue generated from royalties for the extraction of crown owned minerals.

Annual Return of Industrial Rocks and Minerals Output 2022

NZ Petroleum and Minerals (NZP&M) have launched the 2022 Annual Return of Industrial Rocks and Minerals Output survey for the calendar year 2022.

You can supply your data through:

  • The new online survey (Chrome, Edge or Safari recommended)

Annual Return of Industrial Rocks and Minerals Output 2022 Online survey 

  • Downloading and completing a PDF survey form.

Annual Return of Industrial Rocks and Minerals Output 2022 PDF survey form [PDF 53KB]

  • For organisation which has more than 20 quarries to report, there is a bulk response template spreadsheet available below. 

Annual Return of Industrial Rocks and Minerals Output 2022 Bulk response template [XLSX 24KB]

We encourage you to use the online survey to supply your data.  The survey can be accessed on PC, tablet or smartphone.

If you are unable to utilise any of the above methods, please contact NZP&M via the email address below.

We would appreciate if the survey could be completed before the 30th July 2023.

Once the survey is completed, NZP&M will publish the statistics alongside production statistics for coal and metallic minerals.

All information collected will be treated as strictly confidential. Only regional totals will be released publicly and this information will be restricted where a region has 3 or fewer quarries.

If you have any queries regarding this survey please email:

Annual minerals industry statistics

The Government revenue report includes total annual petroleum, minerals and coal royalties as well as energy resource levies (ERLs) collected by the government. Expenditure statistics summarise the investment made by region across the prospecting, exploration and production stages.

The production statistics feature coal, industrial minerals and metallic minerals groups. The report includes a national summary followed by metallic minerals data. Coal is broken down by mining method, rank and region and industrial minerals are sorted by region and commodity.

Metallic minerals produced are gold, silver and titanomagnetite ironsand. Rock, sand, and aggregate are produced for roading and construction and are vital for the development of New Zealand’s infrastructure.

A number of other industrial rocks and minerals are produced for local and export markets. They include bentonite, various clays, diatomite, perlite, pumice, serpentine, silica and zeolite.

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