Complying with your mineral permit

If you are a permit holder, in return for the rights to Crown minerals given by your permit, you have certain obligations.

These obligations include:

We record whether or not you have done each of the above within the required timeframes and also whether the information and data you have given us is complete and of quality.

If you don’t do one or more of the above, you are not compliant with the law and we will contact you. In cases of multiple non-compliance or serious breaches, your permit may be revoked and you could be prosecuted. Any non-compliance could also be taken into account when we assess future applications from you.

Annual summary reports

Annual reports are required on activities under a minerals permit for each calendar year.

Technical reporting

This page summarises what a permit holder needs to do to comply with their obligations to provide technical reports to us. It also lets you know where you can get extra information.